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AB / Allen Bradley 1398-DDM-005 Ultra 100 Series Digital Servo Drive
AB / Allen Bradley 1398-DDM-009X-DN Ultra 100 Series Digital Servo Drive
Baldor 33-1162-1166 AC Motor (made for DORNLIR Mfg.)
Baldor PM916AT-P / 33-2013Z104 DC Motor (made for Boston Gear)
Bison Model 011-336-1208 DC Parallel Shaft GearMotor
Bison Model 32-999-4504-004 / 011-336-4005 DC Motor with Parallel Shaft Gear Motor
Boston Gear F71060SB4G6D0R Series 700 Right Angle Gear Reducer
Carpanelli M56P4 Metric Flange Face Mount AC Motor 1680 RPM
Dayton Model 3BB83 Submersible Effluent Pump 120 VAC
Faulhaber / MicroMo 3557K 024C DC Micromotor with 12:1 Gearhead
Faulhaber / MicroMo 3557K 024C DC Micromotor with 12:1 Gearhead
Graham / Danfoss 176B6000 Cycletrol 150 Adjustable DC Speed Controller
Grundfos UP26-99F 1/6 HP, 115V Cast Iron Recirculating Pump UP 26-99 F, UP26-99F
Grundfos UPS 15-58 FC 115V Cast Iron 3-Spd. Recirculating UPS15-58 FC, UPS15-58FC
Minarik RG300UA DC Motor Speed Controller
Normag / Baldor / Glentek Size Linear Brushless Motor Coil
Pacific Scientific R33GENC Brushless Servomotor
Pacific Scientific SC752A001-01 / R33GENC Controller with Brushless Servomotor
Pacific Scientific ServoBASIC Plus Ver 2.8 Programming Software with Manuals
Sparks WP20 Trash Water Pump 5.5 HP Gas Engine NEW
THK GL20B 750L Timing Belt Drive Linear Actuator
Vacuum Blower High Volume for Central System



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Last Updated: Thursday, August 22, 2019