Item 0186-01
Category Optics - Video
Model Sony XC-75 CE
Description Short Vision Inspection CCD Camera with Melles Griot 59 LGC 535 & 59 LGE 408 Lenses
Description Long

* Sony XC-75CE High resolution monochrome CCD camera with a Melles Griot greatly          
  improved gaging lens "59 LGC 535" and Invaritar C5 "59 LGE 408" attachment lens.         
* This item is used - in LIKE NEW condition - with 90 day Warranty.         
  For complete specifications on the above items see:         
Price $475.00 (camera and lenses)         
* Optional solid, fully adjustable inspection mounting fixture with angular and fine X-Y         
adjustable stops. Also includes a split support locking collar for lens to reduce stress on         
the camera body, maintains camera focus adjustment and reduces vibration.         
Price $360.00  (2 available)       
* Optional combined power and video cable 15 feet long.         
Price $85.00         
* Optional FR-7200 High Frequency vision inspection ringlight.         
Price $85.00         

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Last Updated: Sunday, March 17, 2019