Item 0625
Category Material Handling
Model Quickdraw MR Series
Description Short Variable Speed Clean Room Conveyor with Dart 700BDC Controller
Description Long This conveyor is for factory automation and robotic assembly,        
the MR Series features an open center, slip-roller design for accumulation,        
and precise product movement. This clean, quiet, and ESD safe        
conveyor has a fixed 3.14" width, edge handling rollers,        
with T-slot rails, and a belt driven drive. The conveyor has the optional        
cleanroom kit, T-slot fastening rail and motor enclosure.        
The Dart Controls 700BDC motor controller can operate         
on 12VDC or 18-40VDC. Adjustable speed range is 0-60 ft / minute.        
Includes two 5 ft. long conveyor sections each with its own drive motor.        
The sections can be used separately or tied together for a continuous 10 ft.        
Includes removable flanged bases, one motor controller and one end stop.        
The conveyor sections are used - Like NEW Condition - 60 day Warranty        
Actual picture of conveyor        
For complete motor controller specifications see:        
For additional conveyor specifications see:        
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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024