Item 0904
Model WWII
Description Short German Third Reich Nazi SA Dagger w/Hanger
Description Long This unground dagger was made by Carl Eickhorn with the RZM M7/66 1941 maker code.
Nickel silver hilt fittings show light surface wear.
The wooden grip, with early production quality grip-to-cross guard fit, shows
no surface wear to the factory lacquered finish with no cracks, chips or scuffing.
The cherry stained grip is complete with silver grip eagle and SA insert properly inset.
Early, mirror polished blade grades EX++ showing no surface wear/runner
marks only, with no shadowing/speckling or nicks to cutting edges.
Deeply etched SA motto retains its light gray background frosting. This blade
retains the a sharply defined center ridge, usually lost in polishing when refurbished.
Steel scabbard shows almost no surface wear and minor oxidation/speckling.
Nickel-silver scabbard fittings show almost no surface wear/age patina.
Scabbard screws are undamaged and appear to have never been removed.
Lower ball has small ding as shown in picture. The brown leather hangar with
buckle marked clip "RZM M5/71 oLc" shows some wear to leather with no rips or tears.
Nice example with superb blade and grip.
Actual pictures of dagger.
Price $1,850.00
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