Item 0155-03
Category Motors
Model Normag / Baldor / Glentek Size
Description Short Linear Brushless Motor Coil
Description Long This size "D" Normag / Baldor Ser.P807 Model 425-1011-19 Magnetic Brushless
Motor 6 pole coil with Hall Effect Sensors. It was used with a GTK Glentek SMA8105 HP-040C-4A-0-01
Trapezoidal Mode Brushless Amplifier.
Includes quick disconnect cables for Hall and Motor leads.
Coil dimensions are 7.7" (196mm) long x 2.91" (74mm) high
This unit is used - has been tested - with 90 day Warranty.
Actual pictures of linear motor coil.
Please email for any additional information or questions.
Shipping weight 5 lbs.
For other linear motors see:
Price $380.00 each (1 available)
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Last Updated: Sunday, March 19, 2023