Item 0341
Category Pneumatic / Vacuum / Hydraulic
Model MAC 92 Series (10) Air Valves Circuit Bar WATTS QUBE FRL System
Description Short SV105-04, B105-04WGCR-M1, SC105-04M-M1, 92A-AAB-000-DM-DFFP-4DN
Description Long

This COMPLETE ten valve manifold system, mounted on a T-slotted

aluminum frame, ready to mount onto a project or use as a stand alone unit.

It includes the following items:

- (1) Watts SV105-04 manual shut off valve with exhaust and 1/2" NPT supply.

- (1) Watts B105-04WGCR-M1 Pressure Regulators with coalescing filter

  and moisture trap that removes oil and water aerosols with auto drain.

- (1) Watts SC105-04M-M1 24 VDC solenoid Soft Start shutoff valves

  with quick exhaust, manual over-ride and LED indicator.

- (1) PDA Adjustable Pressure switch 25/110 for alarm or control.

- (1) MAC ten station Circuit Bar fully populated with ten MAC 92 Series valves.

- (10) MAC 92A-AAB-000-DM-DFFP-4DN fast response single operator

  2-position 4-way valves, 1.2 Cv, DM-DFFP-4DN 24VDC, 2.4 Watt solenoids,

  with red LED indicator light and locking extended manual operator.

- (10 FC92A-AA flow control manifolds

All mounted to 29.5" x 11.5"  x 1.5" T-slotted Aluminum frame.

This unit is completely prewired ready to use.

Comes complete with mufflers an brass quick disconnect fittings.

This system is used - Has been fully tested - Is in excellent condition.

Actual picture of item. - With 60 day Warranty.

For additional valves or other automation needs see:

Price $490.00

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024