Item 0507-01
Category Optics - Video
Model Olympus Vanox-T AH-2 AHMT
Description Short Analytical Laboratory Microscope with Semprex KD Rotary Stage
Description Long

This is a high precision universal research analytical microscope with amazing optics.
The microscope is complete and functional. Operates on 115 VAC
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. Serial Number #608002
This unit is in excellent condition and includes the following optics and accessories:
- A five place nosepiece with Olympus objectives:
100023 IC5   Neo S PLAN   5x-2 0.13 f=180
106276 IC10  Neo S PLAN  10x   0.25 f=180
104492 IC20  Neo S PLAN  20x   0.46 f=180
103817 IC50    M S PLAN  50x   0.80 f=180
102227 IC100 Neo S PLAN 100x   0.90 f=180

- Motorized turret indexer
- Olympus SWHK 10XL oculars (2 Super widefield eyepieces)
- Differential interference contrast attachments (Normanski prisms)
- One bottom slide-in condenser stage with a A2-LWCD-AL 0.65 lens and Green filter.
- One bottom slide-in manually adjustable iris.
- One AH2-AN45 adjustable polarizing analyzer atachment.
- A Semprex KD Series mechanical stage with right hand low drive control.
  This stage provides very precise 360 degree / .1 degree incriments concentric motion
  and a proprietary KORE-FRAME links X-Y axes
  in a single piece of metal for superior orthogonality and flatness. X travel 4.7" , Y travel 3.7"
- RSF-Elektronik MSA 665  120mm travel digital scale and ACU-RITE Qwikcount II readout.
- One large format camera mount with a Polaroid camera
- Two side 35mm camera mounts
- One top CCD camera mount with Sony DXC-151 2/3" 1-CCD RGB Color Video Camera
  2/3-inch Single Hyper HAD CCD camera
  460 TV lines of horizontal resolution
  48 dB signal to noise ratio
  Connectors: VIDEO OUT (BNC) GENLOCK IN (BNC) DC IN VBS OR Y/C OUT (12-pin)
   LENS (4-pin) RGB, VBS OR Y/C OUT (9-pin D-sub)
  Camera Adaptor / Power supply CMA-D2 Included.
- Sony Trinitron SSM-14N5U Color Video Monitor 14"

The unit came from a clean room that inspected CDs and DVDs.
Actual picture of microscope. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them.
There is an extra $300.00 Packaging charge for this unit plus shipping.
Pick-up is available and preferred - result, No packaging charge.
For operating help see:
For other visualization needs see:
Price $7,200.00

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024