Item 0035-02-05
Category Automation - Equipment
Model Hot Stamper / Sealer
Description Short Modular Automation System with Supply Reel
Description Long

This hot stamper was qualified for payment, but has seen no production.
This module was used to supply, feed, apply and cut a 15mm wide by 50mm long
heat sensitive foil seal onto a polypropylene printer ink cartridges. As pictured.
A 25mm long section was heat sealed with a 25mm long section left as a pull-off tab.
All motions are via SMC slide tables on linear bearings for long life
and are controlled by Festo air valves CPV-10-GE-ASI (PLC) with AS-Interfaces.
Control could easily be changed to any other PLC controller.
Supply reel has a tension adjustment and out of tape sensor.
Hot stamper operates on 230 / 240 VAC single phase.
The unit sits on a 14" x 18" x 1/2" anidized aluminum base plate
Includes locators and tie down features for easy and quick replacement or change.
Temperature is controlled by an OMRON E5CK Advanced Digital Controller.
Unit is used - Like NEW - Actual pictures of item - with 60 Warranty.
Complete hot stamping / sealer module $1,950.00 ea. (2 available)
For availability of Modicon TSX Micro PLC see:
For availability of Phoenix Quint 24 VDC power supply see:

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