Item 0732
Category Mechanical - Parts
Model Linear Air Bearing
Description Short Single Axis Super Heavy Duty Air Bearing Table
Description Long This is an EXTRA Heavy Duty precision air bearing table
used to precisely position very heavy loads with the touch
of a finger or positioning actuator.
The solid steel base is 23" Wide, 60" Long and 6.5" High
The case hardened, precision ground, 3" diameter steel guide rails
are on 18" centers allowing for 33" of travel.
The three precision air shoes are 5" x  5" and encompass
the guide rail a full 180 degrees with six air ports each.
Included are two 8" high, 4" wide by 25" long  machined "I" beam risers
for added versatility of the base heigh (not pictured).
This unit is used - in Excellent condition  - Actual pictures of item.
The air table was used for precise optical measurements
of large circuit board overlays.
Shipping weight 900 lbs.- Pickup Preferred.
There is an additional $50.00 handling charge for this item.
Price $500.00 each (1 available)
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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024