Item 0765
Category Electrical Components
Model DIN 35mm Rail IEC Terminal Blocks
Description Short Entrelec M4/6D2, M4/6, M6/8, FEM6D
Description Long The following DIN rail IEC terminal blocks and accessories are available:     
Entrelec - Screw clamp terminal blocks  Wire size       Rated      Price Ea. Available
Double-Deck           M4/6D2            2.5mm 24-10AWG  600V 25A    $1.65      161
Single-Deck           M4/6              2.5mm 24-10AWG  600V 25A    $0.75       50
Single-Deck           M6/8              6.0mm 24-8AWG   600V 50A    $0.85       47
End Section           FEM6D                                         $0.30        9
End Section           FEM6                                          $0.25        4
End Stop              BAM                                           $0.45        6
Jumper Bar 2-Pole     BJM612POLE        for M4/6D2                  $0.50        2
Jumper Bar 3-Pole     BJM613POLE        for M4/6D2                  $0.75        2
Jumper Bar 4-Pole     BJM614POLE        for M4/6D2                  $1.00        4
Jumper Bar 5-Pole     BJM615POLE        for M4/6D2                  $1.25        4
Jumper Bar 8-Pole     BJM618POLE        for M4/6D2                  $1.50        2
These terminals are used - in excellent condition - actual pictures of blocks     
For addiltional information see:     
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