Item 0034-22-05
Category Pneumatic / Vacuum / Hydraulic
Model SMC VQ1000 Series
Description Short Pneumatic Air Valves VQ1371 and VQ1171 Assembly
Description Long VQ valves are ideal for applications requiring high speed,         
frequent operation, stable response time and long service life.         
Innovative mounting methods allow valves to be changed easily.         
Built-in one-touch fittings save piping time and labor.         
Quick disconnect fittings are for 6mm tubing.         
These SMC valves are good for 200 million cycles.         
Operate on 24 VDC.         
All valves have a manual override and indicator light.         
Includes the following valves         
(2) VQ1171-5MO-C6   2 position single, rubber seal, 24 VDC 6mm     
(1) VQ1371-5MO-C6   3 position closed center, rubber seal, 24 VDC 6mm     
Actual picture of complete valve block         
These valves are used - fully tested - in like New condition.         
Price $85.00 each (2 available)         
Picture 1

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024