Item 0829
Category Automation - Equipment
Model Stelron BT-30A-ML-K-5.00X-2.75Y-0 X-Y
Description Short Pick and Place Translator with GR-2-1 Speed Reducer and Baldor Motor CDP3326
Description Long

Cycle on Demand Drive Package with 5.00"-X and 2.75"-Y travel as shown in last picture.
Many applications require non-synchronous operation of components.
The smooth, cam controlled movement of the Translator is
maintained, but the additional control flexibility of having an independent
motor drive for the Translator can be beneficial. This Translator is
supplied with a cycling drive package allowing cycle on demand operation.
allowing independent cycle on demand operation
It can be implemented in any of the following applications:
Parallel to Line Flow - Part Transfer, Nest to Nest, Velocity Matching, Gauging Operation
Across the Line - Part Transfer, Pick and Place, Light Seating or Press
Offload - Synchronous Translator, Pick and Place Motion
Walking Beam - Synchronous Tandem Translators, Walking Beam Motion
Overhead Across the Line - Part Transfer, Pick and Place
The "Box Design" of the external housing of the BT series Translator provides a rigid
enclosure and permits mounting from any of the 6 sides. Stelron Translators utilize
large diameter cams for low wear and maximum motion flexibility. The Translator
cams are hardened and ground. The X cam is directly engaged by a cam follower
attached to the main carriage block. The Y axis operates through a bell crank and
yoke mechanism. The carriage block and Y axis linear guide rods are supported by
high quality linear ball bushings. Stelron Translators feature all rolling contact
throughout the mechanism and incorporate the latest advances in linear
and rotary bearing design.
Also included:
- Baldor CDP3326 .5 HP Direct Current Drive Motor
  Spec. 33-2051Z139, Arm Volts 180, Amps 2.5, Frame 56C
- Speed reducer GR-2-1 with a maximum output of 30 cycles per minute
- Four optical sensors and independently adjustable signal cams providing
  positional feedback as 12 to 30 VDC 200ma current sinking outputs
- Camco Vari-Pak Dc Motor Speed Controller input 230 VAC 1 Phase
- Prewired Hoffman Electrical Enclosure
- Plated .75" thick steel mounting plate
This unit is ideal for repetitive pick and place motion for loads of  up to 50 lbs.
This translator is used - in like new condition - with 60 day Warranty
Actual pictures of unit
Shipping weight 370 lbs.
Price $3,200.00 each (1 available)


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Last Updated: Tuesday, December 28, 2021